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I live in the USA, where I am working at the University of Texas. My research projects are focused on the studying of NF-kB signaling pathway. My particular interest is molecular biology and the mechanisms of intra- and intercellular signal transduction. Check here (English version) or here (Russian version) to find out more about this.

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I finished my undergraduate degree at Lvov State University, Ukraine. I have obtained Master Degree at 1999. The Master thesis was devoted to the studying of some TGF-β signal transduction pathways in the lung cancer cells.

I have obtained a PhD degree at 2006 at the Institute of Molecular Biology and Genetics (Kiev, Ukraine). My doctoral thesis was devoted to buccal administration of small therapeutic proteins such as insulin. About this work...

After my doctoral thesis, I studied protein splicing phenomena. We created new efficient technique for recombinant protein purification. About this work...

For almost 3 years I have worked at Weizmann Institute (Israel) as a Post-doc Fellow. My project was focused on studying of NF-kB alternative signaling pathway. About this work...


Now I am in Dallas, at UT Southwestern Medical Center. I continue to focus on the NF-kB signalization.



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