Buccal insulin


summary:  The original idea was to create a chewing gum for insulin, because daily injections bring a lot of discomfort for million of patients. What if the special chewing gum, enhanced with absorption stimulators, can do this job? So, first we rediscovered old good Lysalbinic acid as a buccal absorption enhancer (we found it in a 100-year old German patent). We proved that it is efficient and safe for the insulin chewing gum. Then, we run pre-clinical trial of the Insulin chewing gum(TM) on a rat model of diabetes; since our collaborator was the Institute of Stomatology, the trial was mostly focused on the therapy for diabetes-associated stomatological disorders, as the stomatitis and periodontosis. And yes, we proved that insulin from the chewing gum healed the stomatitis and slow down the paradontosis. At the end, we have patented all this stuff (so far, a Ukrainian patent only, but if somebody wants to buy it, you can contact me).

    LOCATION:  Institute of molecular biology and genetics NAS of Ukraine, Kiev

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  in English:

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In Russian :

  1. Starokadomskyy P.L. The development of buccal preparation with insulin and evaluation of its effectiveness in correction of stomatological disorders in patients with diabetes mellitus. - Thesis for a Philosophy Doctor (PhD) degree in Biology by speciality 03.00.20 biotechnology. Institute of Molecular Biology and Genetics of National Academy of Science of Ukraine, Kyiv, 2005. (link)
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