Inteins and protein splicing

summary:   Protein splicing is a post-translational process that results in excision of an internal protein region (intein) and ligation of its flanking sequences (exteins). Protein splicing does not require cofactors of host's enzymes: it is catalyzed by itself through the internal domain (Hint-domain) [a]. It can be explained by tertiary structure of intein. The distance between the N and C ends of the intein is comparable with the length of a covalent bond (about 1.4 Å). Hint-domain plays an important role in autocatalytic cleavage of the intein and subsequent ligation of the exteins. Interestingly, that the Hint-domain catalytic center structurally is similar to the active center of serine protease.

The main aims of our work was to create intein-based chimeric protein for quick purification of the human growth hormone (HGH). I made a chimeric protein consisting of a short N-terminal peptide, the Mxe GyrA intein, and human growth hormone between them. I did quick affinity purification by the intein, and then induce self-cleavage of the intein, that releases human growth hormone in a pure buffer [bc].

LOCATION: Institute of molecular biology and genetics NAS of Ukraine, Kiev

      Obtained degree and awards:


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   1. Scheme of protein cis-splicing            

  2. Scheme of protein trans-splicing

  3. Comparative analyses of the active centers of serine protease and Mxe GyrA intein




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