My trips

part XIII (2016)

USA, Germany


part XII (2015)



part XI (2013-2014)

USA, Ukraine


part X (2011-2012)

USA ,  Ukraine


part VIII - IX (2010)

USA , library, UTSW


part VII (2010)



part VI (2010)

USA,  Ukraine


part V (2010)



part IV (2009)

France, Israel, Kiev,  Lvov


part III (2009)

Kiev, Lvov, Spain, Israel,  Jordan


part II (2008)

Israel,  Amsterdam


part I (2007)

France, Israel, Egypt, Berlin, Vienne, Kiev, Leningrad



My music videos:

collection XV (My videos)

collection XIV (It's science)

collection XIII (Humor)

collection XII (Russian pop)

collection XI (Guitar)

collection X (Voices)

collection IX (France)

collection VIII (It's Science)

collection VII (China)

collection VI (Jazz)

collection V (Mix)

collection IV (Tango)

collection III(Retro)

collection II (Classic)

collection I (Favorites)

collection XXIV (Rock&roll)

collection XXIII (Ukrainian)

collection XXII (TV ADs)

collection XXI (Depeche Mode)

collection XX (Awesome People)

collection XIX (History)

collection XVIII (Cartoons)

collection XVII (Chanel)

collection XVI (Movie speeches)

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